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Udaan is Sahaita’s latest initiative intended to foster an environment of leadership, with youth guiding the youth. Our goal is to build a network of trust and perspective so that students like you can feel supported by your peers. We have created a webinar series trifecta – Pathways, Fireside Chats, and Luminaries – to provide a holistic perspective on education, life, and career.


Pathways is an educational webinar series organized by the Sahaita Youth Board. Topics include navigating high school, preparing for college, and more. Future webinars will touch on ideas like life after high school, traditional versus vocational paths, mentorship, and whatever you wish to see! Have a topic in mind? 

Fireside Chats

Up close and personal, Fireside Chats offer a look into the lives of recent grads/early career professionals. Fireside Chats are also a place for introspection and self-reflection as a society, discussing social topics such as the pervasiveness of colorism and casteism in South Asian communities. The format is more interactive and engaging rather than merely informational.

Luminaries Talks – Register HERE

Luminaries Talks is a series that highlights accomplished thought leaders in their respective fields.  These inspirational conversations are designed to help our youth hear from visionaries about their career’s traversed trek, their journey through life, their lifelong learnings, and motivations. Register HERE for the next Luminaries Talk.


Meet the Youth Board!

The Sahaita Youth Board is a multifaceted team of individuals in high school, college, or early careers, who came together during the pandemic to catalyze growth and development in fellow students. Touching on topics they have had recent experience with, the Youth Board hosts enlightening webinars with unique perspectives that many immigrant parents are unfamiliar with, as well as advanced discussions (“fireside chats”) with young professionals in various fields.

Supreet Thiara
Ravnoor Sahota
Jalmeen Dhaliwal
Sumrit Grewal
Rhina Kaur
Jaskirat Khehra
Sumeet Sra
Sageena Mutti