Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian Relief

Punjab Floods

Summer 2019 ended with surprising floods in several villages and towns of Punjab. Crops were diminished, homes were destroyed, and schools were heavily damaged. Sahaita volunteers joined forces with the locals and took to the streets-no-more in boats, providing food & other necessities to distraught families. The water has since receded but the damages remain.

Sahaita is about long term sustainability. We’re not done when the crisis is over. We’re done when the community regains all hope. We’ve approached this disaster differently, by letting donors choose what specific project they want to contribute to. Sahaita has promised to help rebuild 32 schools (from primary school all the way through high school) in 3 districts:

  • Ropar (8 schools)
  • Kapurthala (7 schools)
  • Jalandhar (17 schools)

Together, these schools support over 2,200 students. Rebuilding includes wall repair, new furnishings (desks, chairs, etc.), bathroom repair, installation of bore wells (water systems), computers, food storage containers, new books and uniforms, and other projects specific to each school’s needs and ad-hoc maintenance. Improving infrastructure and resources in schools has always shown to positively affect learning potential and therefore post-secondary opportunities. Your helping hand is a crucial piece in the success of future generations. 

Paradise Fires

In 2018, the town of Paradise (Butte County) was ravaged by wildfires. Numerous organizations rushed to provide food & clothing. While the sense of urgency may have subsided, Sahaita is still committed to rebuilding the morale. We visited Paradise in 2019 and fulfilled the Amazon Wish Lists of numerous teachers in the school district who lost most, if not all, their teaching materials and their homes. Items varied from textbooks to science experiments and art supplies, along with storage bins for if classes had to rearrange their temporary setups. 

Sahaita volunteers made 2 trips to the Oroville Hope Center, which distributed basic essentials (water, non-perishable foods, clothing, shoes, generators, etc.) to the remaining residents of the area and neighboring towns. This distribution center catered to ~500 families per week.

Haiti Hurricane

In October 2016, Category 5 Hurricane Matthew left widespread damage in southwestern Haiti. The roof and solar panels atop George Washington Carver Academy (built by Foundation for Freedom) in the hills of Leogane were completely destroyed. In partnership with Dr. Sakti Das of Caring Hands Foundation, Sahaita funded much of the reconstruction. By July 2017, just in time for the new school year, 120 students had a roof over their heads and electricity to get them through their school days and power their smiles. The resiliency of children will always be a source of inspiration to Sahaita.

Jammu & Kashmir Floods

In response to the devastating floods of 2014, Sahaita collaborated with the Indian Army to build 2 schools and one dispensary in Jammu & Kashmir.

In the Satoi village, Sahaita financed the construction of 3 rooms and 2 restrooms. Funds also covered uniform and book expenses to accommodate all 53 children. Sahaita provided 32 benches, 6 plastic chairs, 4 tables, blackboards and a TV. In order to alleviate the suffering of the local population Sahaita provided a fully furnished dispensary adjacent to the school.

In the Parankot village, Sahaita funded the reconstruction of another primary school, the only one in the area. It was in dilapidated condition after the flooding, forcing 63 children to study without shelter. The school was reconstructed in a record time of two months, thanks to Sahaita and the Indian Army, who managed to bring aid to such high elevations. Sahaita, along with the Art of Living organization, strategically implemented solar power so the schools could take advantage of their geographical location while minimizing costs.

Other Humanitarian Projects

Sahaita recognizes that helping a child or a family might require much more than funding someone’s education or providing meals. It’s important to step back and understand the personal circumstances each family faces. Although Sahaita funds do not go toward rebuilding homes, the stories we share have inspired private donors to fund home construction/renovations. Since 2015, these private donors have successfully rebuilt 3 homes in Gurdaspur, Nihal Khote, and Isru (Khanna) after heavy rains and unfortunate family circumstances. Thank you to those who go above and beyond Sahaita’s charter!