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With many lockdowns and travel restrictions placed in parts of Toronto due to Covid, more people are spending time outdoors. More increased visits to Community Parks and trails by people are being met with substantial trash and biowaste being left behind. Our concern grew as waste started to accumulate in our local parks and trails, and safety concerns started to rise with gloves and masks not being discarded properly. 

Our children, youth, seniors and families enjoy these outdoor places, and we felt it was necessary to do our part so we can all enjoy safe and vibrant communities and spaces.  So our team decided to coordinate regular cleanups of surrounding parks and trails starting September of 2020. Armed with a garbage bag and trash picker stick, our team members venture out every day to their local parks pending weather conditions to collect the trash.

We hope to inspire others to join our efforts by doing the same in their areas or joining our group cleanups, not to mention that it’s excellent for your health as it gets you exercising.  We also hope that it raises awareness of the importance of keeping our shared spaces clean and safe and doing our part by using trash bins to dispose of our garbage. 

If you would like to join or start a cleanup drive, please reach out to us at 647-273-4243 or


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May you find illumination during dark times & spread it with others who may need a helping hand. All of our supporters have served as a light in the lives of these young women & many more. We appreciate your commitment to uplifting them to new heights. Thank you!
We are 1 day away. Sahaita Toronto is looking forward to sharing the evening with the wonderful souls that will join us at Ek Shaam Manukhta De Naam. We are excited to have Dr. Rajinder Singh from India as our honorary guest 1/2

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