Bal Bhawan

Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana (Punjab)

Bal Bhawan (Red Cross Sahaita Model School) is a home for children of physically/mentally challenged, diseased, impoverished, or incarcerated parents. This facility has two schools and a residential complex. The children are provided free boarding, education, and medical care. The most precious amenity is a fixed cradle for individuals to anonymously leave infants without judgment.

In 2005, Sahaita Founder Dr. Sandhu came across a news article about a woman in her 80s taking care of over 60 children. They lived together in a heavily neglected Red Cross facility. The lack of resources, funds, and infrastructure (let alone maintenance) were crippling. As grades dropped, so did the standard of education. Sahaita immediately offered a helping hand.

Sahaita’s Red Cross Model School at Bal Bhawan has enabled better student-teacher ratios by hiring highly educated and devoted teachers. Two years following our new management, exam results dramatically improved. Children had a 100% passing rate and the school was measured as equivalent or better than others of its kind. Some notable enhancements include:

  • Introduction of extra curricular activities – To amplify the students’ various talents and interests, Sahaita introduced music and dance workshops, gymnastics classes, and vocational training programs. We are happy to highlight that one student was achieved a runner-up status in Punjab’s gymnastics competition held in Khanna City.
  • Library and media room – Built with study desks and chairs, these spaces included computers equipped with educational and entertainment material.
  • Facility improvements & maintenance – Sahaita constructed new bathrooms, repaired walls and ceilings, and upgraded storage rooms. We installed safety gates and improved the playground. A caretaker was also hired to maintain the school and property. 
  • Basic medical and dental care 
  • Birthday celebrations & other festivities – Neglected children often need a reminder that they are important and loved. Every month Sahaita plans birthday events and cultural celebrations. These include music, dance, and other performances by the students themselves. A favorite spectacle is the magic show put on by a previous caretaker’s son.
  • Due to age limitations, many students must find other accommodations after leaving Bal Bhawan. Sahaita continues to support the education of several children who have aged out.
We are 1 day away. Sahaita Toronto is looking forward to sharing the evening with the wonderful souls that will join us at Ek Shaam Manukhta De Naam. We are excited to have Dr. Rajinder Singh from India as our honorary guest 1/2
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