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Bal Ghar & Anand Ghar

Bal Ghar & Anand Ghar

Talwandi Dham Khurd near Mullanpur (Ludhiana), Punjab

The Bal Ghar orphanage was started by SGB International Foundation in 2003, with the rescue of 3 abandoned children from Ludhiana Junction railway station. Bal Ghar has since been home to rescued orphans (abandoned or unclaimed), many of whom are differently abled. In 2004, St. Kabir Academy was established for the education of these children. CBSE affiliated (set to national government standards), St. Kabir Academy expanded to provide education for local low income families and currently supports students through 12th grade. 

In 2005, Bal Ghar was recognized by the Government of India as an agency for child adoption. Since then, over 200 national and international adoptions have been made possible.

Apart from individual donors, Sahaita is the only organization that funds Bal Ghar and St. Kabir Academy. Below are what your helping hands make possible:

Nursery – Infants are brought to Bal Ghar within hours of their abandonment. Consequently, there was a growing concern of sickness and infection. Sahaita has dedicated resources to enhance the quality of Bal Ghar’s nursery. Planned improvements include a separate and centralized cooling/heating system, a glass corridor to prevent direct contact, new cribs, and a public cradle for anyone who decides to anonymously leave their child. 

Anand Ghar – It is no surprise that many abandoned children also have physical or mental disabilities. Overwhelmed or neglectful parents often dispose of these children in discrete locations, revealed to the public by the baby’s cries. Sahaita’s greatest accomplishment at Bal Ghar is the construction of Anand Ghar, a special needs facility with infrastructure that caters specifically to differently abled orphans. Features of this building complement aspects of physical activity that they may otherwise lack. It’s important they have a place to call home with a family of caretakers.

Education – Sahaita sponsors the education of orphans living at Bal Ghar as well as other children from nearby impoverished families through St. Kabir Academy.

Medical Assistance – Abandoned children will receive specialized medical assistance as needed. Some are disabled, some are infested with bugs or infections, and some are tragically injured. With the help of Sahaita, they have received care in some of the best hospitals in India. 

*The number of children at Bal Ghar/Anand Ghar is fluid due to child rescues, adoptions, and those who move out to develop careers.