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Propose A Project

Recent months have shown the boundless creativity when mobilizing for a greater cause. Although most of Sahaita’s projects operate in India, we still support unique local projects in the US and Canada. For example, every Lohri we collect essentials (or funds to purchase essentials) for babies born into low-income families. As a grassroots organization, we rely on people like you to identify local needs and propose worthy initiatives that will positively affect the communities that we all share a role in. We hope to see your project ideas develop into reality.

The approval process is organized into two simple steps:

1. Submit the Proposal

Nominate a worthy cause or person by filling out all sections of this form to the best of your ability. The more you provide about yourself or an organization, its mission, and previous projects, the better informed the Sahaita Board will be when making a decision.

Please share your website, photos, and videos to make your case for the proposal. Be specific about the type of support you seek – manpower, financial, brand, and/or frequency of support needed. Also showcase your own commitment to the cause by laying out your own role in being a liaison with Sahaita and the proposed organization.

2. Sahaita Board Approval

After submitting the proposal, it will be shared and discussed with the Sahaita Board. If necessary, the Board may require an additional meeting where you may be asked to present an outline of your proposal. Based on the Board’s decision to approve or deny (or ask for more information), you may be assigned to a team lead from the Sahaita Working Committee to create a plan of implementing your project idea.

Please fill out the form below: