Medical Clinics

Sahaita holds medical clinics at two locations

The clinic at Sarinh (Ludhiana district) operates 6 days a week. The clinic at Tallewal (Barnala district) operates once a week. Tallewal residents were offered vaccinations for Hepatitis B and Tetanus and the younger women were offered HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer. 

Anyone in need is welcome to be seen by our healthcare providers and will receive FREE treatment and medicine as needed. Sometimes all a patient needs to build trust is someone to listen to their aches and pains. 

In 15 years, Sahaita has consulted over 305,000 medical patients.

Sahaita is proud to formally relaunch #MindMatters , an emotional wellness initiative to normalize mental health conversations in our communities and increase access to resources. We're thankful for our team of dedicated healthcare providers & youth volunteers.
Join us for our annual #Lohri baby clothing drive! Since 2017, we've distributed baby essentials for >150 moms in need. Taking care of the little things helps them focus on the big things. Provide a glimmer of hope as a reminder that we're all connected & here for one another

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