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Past Projects

Past Projects

Although our commitments to the projects below have run their course, Sahaita took great pride in influencing the lives of differently abled elderly, US students needing an extra hand, and slum communities. If you have a new project idea in mind, please submit a Project Proposal Form.

Prabh Aasra

Padiala (Mohali), Punjab

Prabh Aasra is a home for the mentally/physically challenged, many of whom were orphaned or unclaimed individuals previously living in extreme poverty. Prabh Aasra’s social welfare goals include treatment, rehabilitation, and ultimate reunification with family (if possible).

Up until 2017, Sahaita Canada sponsored the salaries of psychiatrists, psychologists, nursing staff and various assistants. We also sponsored an ambulance to provide convenient and efficient  transportation of mentally/physically challenged individuals from the streets to the facility or hospital. Sahaita further committed to covering the living and educational expenses for children at Prabh Aasra. 

US Scholarships

Sahaita scholarships were granted to US students entering or already attending college. Requirements for eligibility included a demonstrated financial need, good academic standing, and volunteer experience.

Scholarship offerings:

  • Five $1,500 scholarships for community/technical college students
  • Five $2,500 scholarships for university students
  • One $5,000 scholarship for a college/university student pursuing a degree in journalism

Applications were reviewed by a special committee, established by the Board of Directors, who conducted personal interviews with many of the students.

These cohorts of Sahaita scholarship winners were able to fulfill their academic goals and embark on achieving their dreams with the generous support of donors like you.

My Next Meal – Hoshiarpur Slums

Under the My Next Meal project, families in Hoshiarpur’s slum communities were given meals, 4-5 days a week. Over time, more than 38,000 meals have been distributed, thanks to donors in San Jose, CA.