Delhi Slum School

Volunteer Dolly Rajput and her family provided free education for children in the Delhi slums for many years. They connected with Sahaita in 2017 and, together, we were able to manifest an official school – the Sahaita Saraswati Slum School in Narela, which Dolly is now the Director of. By joining forces, provisions now include study materials, uniforms, books, stationery, shoes, backpacks, and even teachers’ salaries. 

It is everything you imagine – a rug placed upon dirt, wood holding up a makeshift roof, surrounded by animals, people’s belongings, shacks, piles of unwanted items, and more. But as the sun beats down, nothing shines brighter than the smiles on the childrens’ faces. Powered by drive, dedication, persistence, and your helping hands, they will persevere.

Working of Sahaita organization commended by SSP Mandeep Singh Sidhu.
These are Sahaita’s sponsored Children at Vill. Kokri Kalan. Thx to the wonderful staff of Govt Girls higher secondary school for the amazing work they have done to modernise the school . Thx to S. Teja Singh Ji & Panchayat of village in helping us fulfil these children’s dreams.

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