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Sikligar Sikhs

Sikligar Sikhs

Sikligar Sikhs are descendants of the prestigious weaponry and ironwork artisans from over 3 centuries ago. Due to modernization of armament, they were squeezed out of the economy, making them financially disadvantaged and socially ostracized, ultimately becoming the most impoverished among Sikhs. With circumstances like theirs, education is often the only way out of poverty. Through A Little Happiness Foundation, Sahaita funded the education of Sikligar youth in Ludhiana (Punjab), Agra, Mathura (UP), Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. Though the iron ore industry is practically obsolete, the potential of the Sikligar Sikhs is most certainly not.

In Alwar, Rajasthan, Sahaita (in partnership with Bhai Mani Singh Sewa Sansthan) funds a vocational training center that teaches everything from computer work to sewing. Sahaita also started a Second Chance School for women who did not finish their education, often needing to help their families at home. Years later they returned to complete their schooling and stand in an even stronger position to help their families.

During the COVID lockdown, Sikligar women from the Second Chance School prepared meals for 200 Sikligar families twice a day, for several days. During the Delhi protests, Sahaita volunteers from the same Sikligar communities distributed garments and other essentials at the Shahjahanpur border in Delhi. With your helping hands, these communities are able to create a cycle of giving back and building self-sufficiency (through education and career).