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Every January sparks new beginnings – new opportunities, new milestones, and new life. Lohri is the Punjabi celebration of these moments, especially for newborns and newlyweds. Sahaita celebrates the Lohri of all the abandoned/rescued babies at Bal Ghar nursery in the past year. We honor their new chance at life by collaborating with local organizations to collect essentials for babies and families in need. We have worked with LovedTwice and Union City Family Center, who further extend the donations to the community through social service agencies.

Feed the Hungry

Sahaita started its Feed-the-Hungry program to help Northern California communities affected by homelessness or overwhelming economic circumstances. Organizers committed to serve meals at three local soup kitchens each year. Since Sahaita first began, our volunteers have collectively served over 30,000 meals. Sign up to volunteer today!

St. Mary’s Dining Room

“More than meals”

St. Mary’s offers a variety of services to low-income and unhoused individuals from San Joaquin County and beyond. These include a clothing & hygiene center where individuals can do everything from requesting baby diapers to freshening up with a shower. The on-site social services office provides case management and guidance for utilizing public benefit programs. A medical clinic and dental clinic are on the premises, with volunteer health professionals who donate their time and compassion. Last, but not least, there are free meals – 3 times a day, 365 days a year. That’s over 1,000 opportunities for people to find sustenance and nourishment to get them through the day. Since 2017, Sahaita volunteers have been serving (or dropping off, considering COVID restrictions) hundreds of meals in a single serving period every month. During the COVID pandemic, volunteers also distributed masks and hand sanitizers with each meal.

St. Mary’s Dining Room – Stockton, CA

The Emmanuel House - Salvation Army

“Fill a belly, feed a soul”

The Emmanuel House is an overnight shelter for men in the Silicon Valley and even offers transitional residency for those in need. Sahaita provides meals and other need-based items such as socks and dental hygiene kits on a quarterly basis. Volunteers prepare and serve langar to residents of the shelter and individuals from the public, which makes for an estimated 250 guests each visit. Multiply that by 10+ years and it equates to more than 10,000 meals served by Sahaita at The Emmanuel House. It is one thing to cook/prepare meals or wash dishes, and another to meet the souls behind tired eyes and read the stories laid between wrinkle lines. Often, an individual will return for additional servings and commend volunteers for the most delicious food they have ever tasted. Moments like these remind us how humbling it is to be a tiny win in someone’s uncertain day. 

The Emmanuel House – Salvation Army – San Jose, CA

GLIDE Memorial

“Nourishing the bodies and souls… in an atmosphere of love and respect” 

Especially at GLIDE, you will see folks from all walks of life, some evidently disturbed and in need of extensive care, and others well dressed and with jobs but no leftover cash for meals. At GLIDE, they are all equal. GLIDE’s Daily Free Meal Program offers 3 meals a day, 364 days a year. Sahaita has had the honor of making annual trips to serve langar to approximately 500 meals with each visit. The organization’s commitment to fighting social injustices while nourishing the community is commendable beyond words. 

GLIDE Memorial – San Francisco, CA

COVID Relief

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