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Sahaita is partnering with PCHS from Canada to bring back Mind Matters Webinar series. It is aimed to raise awareness of the importance of Mental wellness and provide resources to the South Asian Community. Here you will find information about upcoming webinars, including an archive of past events and useful links and resources. Feel free to reach out to us at info@sahaita.org for questions, suggestions and support. 


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Part of Sahaita’s Mind Matters Series, this webinar was on parenting in a post COVID world with great tips on engaging young adults away from gaming and social media consumption along with strategies to build better communication and bon with your children

Presentation Deck: Managing Social Media Usage for Children & Adolescents

“lok ki kehenge!” “sade ghar vich nai ehe problem” “I can’t seek help or treatment because I have no time and too many responsibilities.” We hear these too often, and these are the common deterrents from someone getting the help they need. Dr. Harry Sekhon, Dr. Preet Sabharwal, and Baldev Mutta discuss mental and emotional wellness. Topics discussed: how to recognize someone needs help, understanding feeling and emotions, stigma and myths around mental health, mental health struggles within South Asian Women, how to seek help or treatment living with in-laws or a joint family Confidentiality & Privacy when seeking Mental Health treatment. Thank you to our Panelists: Dr. Harry Sekhon – Specialization in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr. Preet Sabharwal – Founder of South Asian Mental Health Consortium, Baldev Mutta – CEO and Founder of Punjabi Community Health Services, Anaika Sahota (Moderator) – Sahaita Volunteer


   Resources Provided by South Asian Mental Health Consortium


Punjabi Community Health Services

South Asian Mental Health Consortium

May you find illumination during dark times & spread it with others who may need a helping hand. All of our supporters have served as a light in the lives of these young women & many more. We appreciate your commitment to uplifting them to new heights. Thank you! https://t.co/9F0dBVY87j
We are 1 day away. Sahaita Toronto is looking forward to sharing the evening with the wonderful souls that will join us at Ek Shaam Manukhta De Naam. We are excited to have Dr. Rajinder Singh from India as our honorary guest 1/2 https://t.co/7fuRk4Y1qh

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