Medical Camps

Sahaita medical camps are not only organized to treat patient ailments and dispense medication. They are designed to honor each individual, whether elderly or young yet impoverished, provide a safe space to discuss their personal circumstances and health, and outline comprehensive treatment plans. Hundreds of lives are impacted at each medical camp and every interaction ends with a smile, no matter how much body/heart ache was revealed during the session. 

In 15 years, Sahaita has consulted over 305,000 medical patients.

Sahaita is proud to formally relaunch #MindMatters , an emotional wellness initiative to normalize mental health conversations in our communities and increase access to resources. We're thankful for our team of dedicated healthcare providers & youth volunteers.
Join us for our annual #Lohri baby clothing drive! Since 2017, we've distributed baby essentials for >150 moms in need. Taking care of the little things helps them focus on the big things. Provide a glimmer of hope as a reminder that we're all connected & here for one another

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