Medical Camps

Sahaita medical camps are not only organized to treat patient ailments and dispense medication. They are designed to honor each individual, whether elderly or young yet impoverished, provide a safe space to discuss their personal circumstances and health, and outline comprehensive treatment plans. Hundreds of lives are impacted at each medical camp and every interaction ends with a smile, no matter how much body/heart ache was revealed during the session. 

In 15 years, Sahaita has consulted over 305,000 medical patients.

We are 1 day away. Sahaita Toronto is looking forward to sharing the evening with the wonderful souls that will join us at Ek Shaam Manukhta De Naam. We are excited to have Dr. Rajinder Singh from India as our honorary guest 1/2
👇Something incredible went down few weeks ago! The love for soccer brought together amazing players, supporters and volunteers with big hearts to help farmer families in distress. We are so grateful to the organizers and players. Check out glimpses. 🙌⚽️

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