Struggler – Plight of a Farmer (Short Film)

Struggle is part of everyone’s life, to live life to it’s fullest, we all have to overcome the challenges and emerge stronger from the battles we fight; physically and mentally. This film is result of our collaboration with Gurpreet Singh Ghuda, when we first watched this story, we were moved by the positive message it delivers. A message that resonated with us to embrace the struggle and emerge stronger from it. The film depicts the reality that many small farmers and farm laborers wake up to every morning in Punjab, the surmounting debt that weighs on their mind everyday. The message delivered through the young child and her father in the film is to build yourself up and come out stronger from the struggle.
Back in 2015, a spike in number of farmer and farm laborer committing suicide due to debt in Punjab, highlighted the need for Sahaita to initiate our Farmer Support Project. Since then we have focused on educating the next generation of the farmer families, providing monetary support to some families so their children don’t have to work and can focus on doing well in school. Our efforts are focused on creating a long term, sustainable financial security for these families by educating the next generation to help their parents and be the helping hand to them. Today we have over 110 families and 150 children that we are supporting with their education.
Hope you will enjoy the film, do share it and if you want to help such families or know of any farmer family that can use a helping hand, feel free to contact us info@sahaita.org
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