International Women’s Day

On this #InternationalWomensDay we honor our every-day superhero Jasbir Kaur 🙏🏽 Jasbir Bhenji is the Director of #BalGhar orphanage (SGB Children’s Home) in Talwandi Dham, Ludhiana. Inspired by Swami Ji who started the children’s home, Jasbir Bhenji has devoted her life to social work. She has received hundreds of abandoned children in her own arms when they needed a maternal figure most.
As the facility and its staff grew, Jasbir Bhenji and Sahaita worked to build #AnandGhar – a special needs home which just celebrated its 2 year anniversary. Always thinking ahead, her next goal is to provide a home for mentally challenged women. You may notice that most abandoned children and are either girls or have special-needs. Though we hope and work to eradicate child neglect and abandonment, we must continue to cater to the very victims of it. Whether the children stay in her care into adulthood or are adopted by loving families, Jasbir Bhenji holds down the fort every day and we salute her for her seva!