A Farmer Family’s Story ~ Village, Ralla

TW: suicideWith everyone’s contributions to Sahaita’s Farmer Support Project, we thought we should introduce you to some of the families! Over the next few days/weeks, as we prepare to match donors to farmer families for the new year, we will share stories and experiences lived by some of our beneficiaries. Some families exude resilience while others need a little extra TLC. We are humbled that they opened their hearts to us.Meet Sandeep Kaur of Ralla pind. Sandeep had a difficult time maintaining composure when we visited in 2016, as anyone would after their father and grandfather both recently committed suicide. We were instantly in tears as the sarpanch introduced us. Sandeepu2019s father was in the process of rebuilding their home before he took his own life, so it remained incomplete upon our arrival. We noticed the windows were simply large openings in the walls, so we decided to honor Sandeepu2019s dadu2019s hard work and complete the window installation. Now Sandeep and her special-needs brother can hopefully have more restful nights. Sahaita also committed to fund Sandeepu2019s Nursing education so that she can fulfill her calling of serving others and provide financial support to her family.