Vikram Fundraiser

Vikram's Fundraiser for
Sahaita's Farmer Support Project

Hi everyone! My name is Vikram and I'm a 24-year-old Punjabi Youth, born and raised in Mississauga, ON. Canada. My parents like many others moved here in the late '80s after the Sikh genocide in India. The farmer's protest and what Sahaita does matters to me because we have farming roots like many other Punjabi diaspora families.

I believe that social media is great for raising awareness about these issues, but I started to get a lot of anxiety just watching these injustices continue to occur from my phone and not feeling like I was doing enough to help. I started going on runs to free my mind and appreciate every breath that I was given. By no means would I say I am a runner, but I like running every now and then haha. 

Recently I thought, hey why not team up with a charity organization and run for a greater cause?

To learn more about our Farmer Support Project Click Here

Days left to make a difference!

Sahaita is proud to formally relaunch #MindMatters , an emotional wellness initiative to normalize mental health conversations in our communities and increase access to resources. We're thankful for our team of dedicated healthcare providers & youth volunteers.
Join us for our annual #Lohri baby clothing drive! Since 2017, we've distributed baby essentials for >150 moms in need. Taking care of the little things helps them focus on the big things. Provide a glimmer of hope as a reminder that we're all connected & here for one another

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