Join the Excitement. We’re thrilled to invite you to Sahaita’s upcoming fundraiser on Feb 3rd, 2024! Your presence can make a difference! Join us for the evening of awareness, fundraising, and community spirit. Follow the Edmonton Team on these platforms for updates and impact.

Dr. Sandhu will be attending all the way from California. He will share his vision and his experience with the audience and highlight Sahaita's projects and impact. Spare 2 hours to see how you can lift others, give hope to the helpless, and put a smile on a needy face.
Meet our team here in Edmonton. Most of them been connected with Sahaita for more than 8 years now. You can also join us at Sahaita and become a proud volunteer! If you're seeking a meaningful cause, run entirely by selfless volunteers like you, come join our team. Sahaita is dedicated to serving humanity with pure intentions and unwavering commitment.