Farmer Support Project

Farmer Suicide ProjectSahaita started the Punjab Farmer support project in late 2015. Punjab, the bread basket of India since the Green revolution, is enduring epidemic of farmer suicide. The small farmers and the farm labor are the most vulnerable and are committing suicide as an escape from their debt burden or bad crop. The affected families include young children, elder parents and spouses who are left behind hopeless. Multiple cases are being reported in majority of villages across Punjab. Sahaita acknowledged this crisis and resolved to lend the helping hand to the affected families.

Sahaita has committed to supporting farmers and farm labor and are offering necessary financial and legal support.  Sahaita is taking a three-pronged approach to supporting farmers and their families:


  • Work proactively to prevent suicides via grass root mediation
  • Crop diversification education
  • Fiscal responsibility education

Family support

  • Education for children (including school fees, books, uniforms and other child support)
  • Monthly support allowance for family

Debt consolidation

  • Early stage exploration into Indian laws regarding loan consolidation and refinancing options

Currently Sahaita is supporting 25 families from 8 different villages (Kokri Kalan, Nihal Khote, Bhaini Bagha, Burj Rathi, Akalia, Joga, Ralla, Aatla).  Considering the enormity of the situation, the target is to cover 100 families by the end of 2016.  We need your support to realize this goal and help us serve more families.  Donate today or help adopt a family for as little as $500 per year.

Adopt a family for $500/Year

Project Highlights

  • Covers farmers and farm labor
  • Supports 25 families in 8 villages. Target to cover 100 families by end of year 2016
  • Provides education for children including school fees, books, uniform and child support
  • Provides lawyers, bankers and agricultural expert services to affected families
  • Helps with loan transfer from high interest to low interest
  • Work with banks to convert high interest loans of the farm laborers to low interest loans with guarantee up to Rs. 50,000