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Farmer Support Project

Donation Goal For This Project is $70,000
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Sahaita started its Farmer Support Project in late 2015. Punjab, the breadbasket of India since the Green Revolution, is enduring an epidemic of farmer suicide. Most vulnerable are small farmers and farm laborers who might consider committing suicide as an escape from debt burdens or bad crop seasons. The affected families include spouses, elder parents, and young children who are left behind hopeless. Numerous cases have been reported in a majority of villages across Punjab. Sahaita acknowledged this crisis and resolved to lend a helping hand to the affected families.

Sahaita volunteers visited and assessed the needs of over 100 families in 8 villages from the Moga & Mansa districts. With the collaboration of Punjab Agricultural University researchers and village leaders, Sahaita developed a financial and educational support system to ensure that families are not overwhelmed by the loss of their loved ones.

8 Villages in Moga & Mansa Districts

  • Kokri Kalan
  • Nihal Khote
  • Bhaini Bagha
  • Burj Rathi
  • Akalia
  • Joga
  • Ralla
  • Aatla

Family support

  • Cover cost of education for over 150 children (including school fees, books, uniforms and other child support), of which over 20 have completed undergraduate degrees in the last 2 years alone
  • If a child was sponsored through 12th grade, Sahaita will work to provide specialized guidance and exam-training for placement into their field of study or work
  • Sahaita’s COVID relief efforts include providing food rations and other basic necessities


  • Work proactively to prevent suicides via grassroots mediation (coming soon)
  • Crop diversification education seminars (coming soon)
  • Fiscal responsibility/financial management education seminars (coming soon)

Considering the enormity of the situation we need your support to realize our goal of serving more families. Donate today or sponsor a family for as little as $500 per year. If families are open to communication, sponsors will be able to contact them directly and be their beacon of hope.


*Students must maintain passing scores in order to uphold support from Sahaita