Header pic - Sahaita in Delhi

Sahaita in Delhi

Sahaita in Delhi

In December 2020, Sahaita volunteers began making rounds at the Tikri, Singhu, Shahjahanpur, and Ghazipur borders in Delhi. The areas most densely held by protesters are also most saturated by organizations providing meals and other resources. Sahaita assesses areas that still don’t have adequate help and supplies relief accordingly.

Singhu Border

Sahaita volunteers from Ludhiana made their way to the Singhu Border to set up a makeshift medical station. General health check-ups were administered by volunteer healthcare professionals. PPE were distributed since we mustn’t forget that this entire protest exists amidst a global pandemic! The number of elderly making this trek for miles on end is admirable yet worrisome given the cold weather and their inevitable exhaustion. Sahaita volunteers are doing what they can on the ground to ensure that people are taken care of and can stand up for their livelihoods in good health.

On Kisaan Diwas (Farmers Day), Sahaita volunteers were on the frontline at Singhu Border distributing lohiyan, slippers, shawls, and sweaters to help protesters stay warm during this cold winter.

Tikri Border

These images right here are what make us most proud – project overlap! One of our projects aims to elevate the lives of Sikligar Sikhs by educating their children. These volunteers are from that very Sikligar Sikh project. All the way from Alwar (Rajasthan), these individuals are giving back by providing langar and basic necessities (tooth brushes, soap, etc.) at the underserved Tikri border saturated with thousands of farmers & supporters.

Shahjahanpur Border

The kisaan morcha is a harmonious congregation of passionate farmers from various agricultural states, each marching in honor of their families back home, their ancestors, and their future descendants. Recently, the Shahjahanpur border to Delhi has seen a surge of groups from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and more. Many kisaans walked barefoot for 3-4 days from Nashik (Maharashtra) to join the fight of a lifetime. They aren’t accustomed to the cold weather and don’t have sweaters or shoes for basic comfort along the way. Sahaita volunteers from Alwar immediately went out to assess the need and provide relief. 

The importance of oral care is often overlooked and undervalued when distributed as kits to the homeless or even our kisaans protesting in Delhi. Several studies on comorbidities after the COVID outbreak revealed that oral health contributes to a healthy gut biome, and a healthy gut biome is crucial for general immunity. The concern is not just for the kisaans and their families protesting in the millions during a pandemic, but also for the fragile healthcare system that may be overwhelmed in the coming weeks. Our Alwar volunteers distributed masks and toothbrushes/toothpaste at the Shahjahanpur border.

For long-term support of farmer families, please consider Sahaita’s Farmer Support Project and adopt a family today.

Ghazipur Border

This is part of Sahaita’s continuation of support at the Farmer Protests. Sahaita is distributing blankets at Ghazipur and Tikri Border. Ghazipur protesters are mostly from Uttarakhand and UP and return home at night to complete their chores so they can resume the protests bright and early. About 500-700 protesters rotate spending nights at the border, for which Sahaita has provided blankets for warmth during the cold nights. They are signed out from our storage and returned to be used by other protesters as needed.